About The Author

A self-proclaimed desert rat who has found her home in…
EDIT: A desert rat who is now also a New England-ah. Oh dear.
We’ve picked up the gauntlet and are now living in the middle of New Hampshire. It’s green and wet, and absolutely beautiful. And that is all I know.
I’m okay with this.

3 responses to “About The Author

  1. paula plapp

    love you

  2. Love you too. Did I mention that NurseWonderful came from MomWonderful? Let’s hear it: Awwwww….

  3. Heather Quinn

    Just a thought, because you are embarking on a new journey to the east coast in what I will call, ‘The Wonderful Life of Sara’, but you might consider a careeer in travel writing. I enjoy your whimsy style and you have a knack with the camera. Love this website by the way. Refreshing and unique. Now, let’s find you a house!!!

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