>Time ain’t nothin’ but a number

>A little boy and his brother were waiting for their ride after school. Thing 1 peeks into FS’s office through the little window cut in the glass. I lean over to hear what he’s saying:

Thing 1: Um, excuse me. My uncle is supposed to pick us up. Um, what time is it?
Me: It’s 10 minutes til 2. 1:50.
Thing 1: Is that after 5:02?
Me: Nope, but 5:02 isn’t for over 3hours. [at this point I’m trying not to laugh, and FS is starting to worry that it might be a looong day at the office if she can’t get a taker for Thing 1 and Thing 2.] Do you think maybe he said 2:05?
Thing 1: Well, maybe. So how many minutes til 5:02?
Me: 0_o … Nvmnd.


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