>Kids are Yuck.

>50% of visit made to my office on Friday came from one class. Ms Bliss can’t help that her kids are, well, nevermind. Let’s just say that it’s not her fault. As I was walking up towards the cafeteria with a kiddo to go look at her partially digested lunch (my Mac and cheese sitting lonely but not forgotten in the microwave), I hear FS telling a parent, “The nurse will be right back. She’s just going to look at some throw up.” So funny!

Also Friday, I was told by a 4th grade teacher that two little girls came up to her with a tooth, asking to go to the nurse for a plastic tooth container necklace that is apparently all the rage.

Thing is, the tooth didn’t belong to either one of them. My favorite 4th grader decided to be generous and let them borrow the avulsed tissue specimen. What a prince.

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