>Wait for it…

>I popped into a classroom today to talk to a teacher. As we’re finishing up, a tiny dude that I haven’t seen in a while was watching me. I stopped talking to have a staring contest with him. I won. He then asked, “Are you the nurse?” This is a kid who, at the beginning of the school year, would purposefully hurt himself by hitting his arm on the desk so that he could visit The Nurse. He also would hang out in my office after school sometimes and draw pictures for me and FS. Adorable kid in need of a little TLC, and he eventually grew out of it.

I knew it had been awhile, but c’mon! I thought we had a history. So I said, “Of course I’m the Nurse! Don’t you remember me?”

He replied, “You look different.”

I’ve been hearing that a lot lately due to my recent change in hairstyle. When we asked what he thought was different- just to see what he would say (in retrospect, not the smartest idea)- he looked me up and down for a little too long. I’m starting to worry about what’s going to pop out of this kids mouth. We already know he doesn’t censor.

After a few moments he says, “You’re wearing a different shirt.”

HA!! Dodged a potentially ego-wounding bullet with that one. I just hadn’t realized I was wearing the EXACT same shirt every time I took care of him. =P


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