>Plans for the week

>Well Folks, It’s been awhile since my last post. Spring break was last week- Luke took the week off as well- and we landed in Moab, UT for a few days. The rock scrambling is good for the soul. So is the amazing tiramisu we had at a restaurant on our last night of the trip.

Seeing as how I’ve been out of work for 15 of the last 16 days, I understandably have little to no material for the blog. I expect this to change tomorrow, as I plan on returning with a CRASH and a BANG. Some activities for the week:

I’ll be putting on the dental hygiene day for the Kinders. This involves brushing the Tooth MONSTER’s teeth. Should be a good show. I’ll be looking for one-liners and inappropriate usage of the giant fake toothbrush.

I’ll be seeing Gagsy for the first time in two weeks. Rumor has it that he has learned to swallow his medicine like a normal human being. According to the sub RN, I could have “just told him to swallow it.” I’m understandably bitter about this, and HAVE to assume that something changed in that big ‘ol developing head that allows him to toss it back. We’ll see. I’m not convinced it’s gonna happen. Reaaalllly not looking forward to the water and pill on the floor stunt.

Easter is coming!! So who will be joining us? BonesBunny? That would be the best option, since having a skeleton Jesus rising from the dead is… just a little… well… Okay. I know my limits.

I realized the other day that F4 is not going to be in 4th grade forever. What I don’t know is whether he can still be F4 next year, or if he will need to be F5. I guess it mostly depends on whether I still like him next year. Kidding. That kid is awesome.

I can’t wait to get back to work and get my love from those kids. I may have to rig up some sort of self-triggering sanitation spray at the door of my office to prevent contamination. Or maybe a snare. If I can stop them from rushing me with their puke-breath and sticky hands I think I’d be alright. Let me know your thoughts! See ya!


2 responses to “>Plans for the week

  1. >Hello from Belgium, happy spring.

  2. >Why, Hello to you too!

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