>Measuring A Pickle’s Worth


Gagsy has rocked his medicine 2 days in a row! I really can’t believe it still, and feel the need to make long, teary-eyed speeches when I pass him in the hall.

He was in possession of a 1$ coin this morning. He showed it to a teacher who was passing through my office, and she left to get him a magnifying glass so they could inspect it more closely. While she was gone, he handed it to me. I was looking at it and he said, “It’s REAL GOLD! I even bit it and everything!”  There was a brief pause, then he added, “Don’t worry. I washed it off.” 

The teacher returned and she was explaining to him that some coins are worth a lot, and that he could look it up online to find the value.

“I know what it’s worth. My friend told me it’s TWO PICKLES!”

Pickles are sometimes available for sale as fundraisers. We know where his dollar is going.


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