Party Time!

F4 was feeling pretty chipper this morning. He was telling me a story and gesturing like a drunken Italian, splashing his water cup all over the floor. I, of course, was laughing and egging him on (sorry F4’s teacher!).

I should have been watching for him at lunch. Then I might have been prepared for his visit. I was minding my own business, making eleventy-billion little ice packs for boo-boos, when I hear a small commotion at my office door. I look up in time to see F4 jump through the doorway, arms splayed, food crumbs from lunch scattered across his face, yelling (I mean, he turned that volume up to 11):


I was standing there, just enjoying the show. He didn’t really have anywhere to go from there, so he said it again a few more times, you know, for emphasis.

I have to say that he’s on to something. I LOVE streamers.


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