>Gardening: Fun and Yummy or Useless Waste of Time?


It’s about 1 month into my gardening project, and while I can say it’s been more successful than my previous attempts, it hasn’t gone *well*.

Step 1: spend hours and hours shoveling dirt out of a section of the horse corral, as this is OBVIOUSLY the best place for a garden.

Step 2: drag 7 railroad ties over and make a 3-section box.

Step 3: repeat step 1…

Step 4: go to the seed store and scoff when they tell you that you will need approximately 42 more bags of dirt. Buy 10.

Step 5: come home to a delivery from the seed catalogue. Try to plant the strawberry plant into a bucket til you can get the dirt into the garden plot. Realize that “the strawberry plant” is actually 25 strawberry plants rubberbanded together. Scratch head and ponder.

During this time I’ve sprouted herbs, lettuce, spinach, and garlic (more to come on the garlic). The strawberries are pretty much all alive, and the corn is planted in the rows. The compost tumbler is eating the household waste, smells like dirt (not rotten food) and does not house a 3 pound rat/possum. These are all good things.

The setbacks are keeping me busy and outside, which I could appreciate were it not for the 60mph gusts today while I was glooping around in garden mud and wearing a sundress (sorry neighbors!).

I’m learning.


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