A Little Catch Up

Ok, You all have been very patient. Thanks for bearing with me as I gather my thoughts regarding this little creature.  I’m 9 weeks tomorrow- and have been feeling MUCH better this week. My 8week photo was on Oct 30. We had just gotten a foot of snow! Of course I was bouncing off the walls… What a fun day! We shoveled the driveway and then met Heather in town for some YUMMY brunch.

I was nauseated from week 4 through 8 weeks. Lately, I’ve been getting “sick hungry” but can eat a much broader diet without making it worse. =) Aside from my new 7pm bedtime, my energy has been better too. This is good, cause it’s never fun to lay in bed eating saltines while upwards of 10 guys are working on your house. That’s NOT a complaint- I’d much rather be in bed than working on my house. hehe.

You can see I don’t look much different. There’s a reason I take these pics in the morning. By nighttime I look MUCH further along. *sigh*

A little about the bug: At 8weeks, Bug was a KIDNEY BEAN. S/he has fingers and toes (along with arms/legs/wrists/ankles) and the tail is disappearing. Starting to move around in there, although I won’t be able to feel anything until week 20 or so.

I had my first appointment on Wednesday. Luke came along because we were hoping to hear a heartbeat. Turns out it’s still too early. We *might* have been able to hear it, but if we couldn’t, they wouldn’t have been able to do an ultrasound. I didn’t want to risk a melt down on my most emotional week yet, so we declined the heartbeat hunt. Other than that, the nurse gave us a binder that was a “Guide to Pregnancy”. Did you know:

YOU CAN”T DRINK ALCOHOL??!?! Holy crap, I had no idea. 😉

Next appointment is with a Doctor and we should get an ultrasound at that time. November 17th, Folks! Can’t wait!


10 responses to “A Little Catch Up

  1. Granny and Boompa

    You look wonderful….I was at the doctors and saw what your (our) new baby looks like and yes it is a kidneybean now….Glad your feeling better and this is so exciting……Stay warm we had rain last night….lv ya granny and boompa

  2. Becki Mollareza

    I’m so very excited for the both of you! You are terrific people who are going to be wonderful parents! Enjoy every little bit of it ~
    Love you!

  3. paula plapp

    yipppiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! I always wanted a grandkidneybean. Won’t be long before I have a grandplum…hmmm


  4. Soooo exciting! Thank you so much Sara & Luke for sharing it with all of us… Sara.. wish we could be there to give you hugs and loves and saltines… but guess Luke could do that too!
    Love to you 3!

  5. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo EXCITED!!!!!! Yeeeeeehaaaaaaa!!!

  6. Holy Moly! Didn’t see that coming! How’d you sneek that past me and Brian? Congrats! We are so excited for you!

  7. Sandy Speed

    Sara, THANK YOU for the photo and update. Did you know that Frank’s birthday is November 17 so his birthday present will be to learn more about his grandchild (preferably the gender so I can go shopping….can’t wait). So glad you are doing well. We love you,
    Sandy and Frank

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