The Dreaded Jogging Stroller of Doom and Other Photographic Opportunities

I took Grey for his first ride in the jogging stroller the other day. I’m hoping his hatred of the ride was more hunger related and less anti-stroller related. As you can see, it was less than enjoyable for him (and for me by extension).

“Cool man, we’re in the car seat! We goin for a ride? Gettin some ice cream? Goin to visit that one lady to get some cuddles? Wait- What?!”

OUTSIDE?!? Not cool!! NOT COOL!!

Took this today… I love him in footy pajamas, he’s so snuggly!

Jason and Lynley brought Jeremiah out to this corner of the world- we were lucky to be one of their stops! =D

First hike as a family of 3! Couldn’t beat the weather, the view, or the company!

Hiking is hard work…

Grey is now cooing, talking, squealing, and shouting to no one in particular. It’s really cute- most of the time he’s looking at the ceiling or a window when it happens, but he spends a lot of time watching people now too. He watches me when others hold him, and watches Luke when they’re together on the couch. The smiles are coming. He’s given me a few fleeting grins, but nothing I’ve caught on camera though you can bet I’ll be trying!


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