6 Weeks Looks Good on You


Our favorite little chubber is 6 weeks old! He’s smiling more consistently, using his neck and back to spend a lot of time looking around, talking up a storm, and finally getting some pee pee control during diaper changes! It seemed like for awhile there I was deflecting pee 3-4 times daily. Now it’s more like every other day.

This post has already been put on the backburner a few times, so let’s just get it done! Here are a few more pics:


“Mom! No more pinching!”
A trip up north to Polly’s pancake parlor! I’m hoping to get him up here every year to show his growth (and eat lots of pancakes!)


One response to “6 Weeks Looks Good on You

  1. Can’t wait to see him riding that thing someday!! Or standing on it’s head and jumping off — that’s what my kid would be doing . . . 😀

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