8 Weeks!

No laughing or comments related to the vocal stylings of this mama… *sigh* the things we do for a laugh…

Our cute little guy is now 8 weeks old! He let out his first laugh a few days ago (he was talking to Luke at the time), has been smiling and cooing at strangers, and is now attempting to mimic sounds. I was brushing my teeth last night and heard a strange noise coming from the bedroom. I went in to find Luke and Grey howling at each other. Granted, Grey’s howl was more of an attempt than anything else, but he was watching Luke intently, pursing his lips, and making an “Oooo” sound. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

He also has been showing preference for songs- last week he was ALL ABOUT “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, and this week he seems to be more of a “Yellow Submarine” kind of kid. As you can see from the video. =)

Gotta go- I’m gonna kick Luke’s butt at Mario Bros while Grey is crashed out. Gotta get that quality time while we can. Smooches!


2 responses to “8 Weeks!

  1. oooh! I just wanna squeeeeze him.
    Love ya
    Grandma Tutu

  2. Ha ha you ARE your mother’s daughter!

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