3 Months!

Our beautiful, wonderful, happy baby is now 3 months old! Here are some pics I took on Thursday; I’ve been trying to get them online for the past 3 days with no luck. Mr. Grey is a bossy little beast. I know I was the perfect infant, so I can only assume this is how Luke was as a baby. =)

Turns out the “Month” stickers are pretty tasty!

As are stuffed owls…


This is what happens when we prop him up- he’s so eager to lean forward that he ends up tipping over. He wants to not only sit up straight, but be leaning over and looking down at whatever he’s playing with.

Our beautiful boy

His hands spend a LOT of time in his mouth

Big brown eyes


“Oh no, you did NOT just call me bossy!”




Sitting up on his own to hang out with Darwin. Those two are going to be buddies. And no, he can’t actually sit up yet- If he’s not too squirmy we can sit him up and his buddha belly kind of props him there. Ha!


At his 2 month appt he was 14.8lbs (98th percentile). According to our scale, he’s now 16lbs which is somewhere in the 75th-90th percentile for weight! He seems to have elongated some but we haven’t measured his height. Eschewing numbers, this boy is strong and healthy. That’s all a mama and daddy can ask for.

As far as his daily happenings, he can now smoothly reach to grab things and put them in his mouth. When he talks, he actually sounds like he’s telling a story- the inflection is there. He has a decent sleep routine- about 8hrs alone at night and another 2 or so on the couch with me, then 2 naps during the day. We’re practicing napping in the crib- he doesn’t sleep as deeply but isn’t concerned at all about being left in there. Good enough for me.

He’s starting to watch us eat. It’s a little disconcerting, but so far he’s not trying to actually eat our food. He’s just figuring out what we’re doing. I don’t think he’s teething, but he’s definitely chewing on stuff and drooling a lot so we’ll see. What else? He likes more songs now (but still favors the old standards). Raffi has made his youtube appearance to rave reviews.

I think that’s it for now- I can hear him grunting in the other room. Love.



3 responses to “3 Months!

  1. He is wonderful!!!!!!

  2. Sandy Speed

    These are the CUTEST photos. He is SO beautiful. What gorgeous eyes, what long eyelashes, what precious little hands – and feet. He is such a sweetie.
    Frank and Sandy

  3. Aunti Judith

    What a beauty!!! Have you checked out Dan Crow, Paul Tracey, and Peter Alsop? Great kids’ music that is very fun for adults too.

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