3 1/2 Months And a Few New Tricks

Lately I haven’t had much time to add to the blog, but our little dude is crashed IN HIS CRIB and I thought I’d take advantage. Grey’s a few days short of 3.5 months, and has had another burst of development. But first, we can talk about My Birthday!!

The weekend was cloudy, cool, and drizzly- Luke did some works outside and I brought Grey around to hang out with dad. We took him on his first walk in the jogging stroller without the carseat insert. This means he gets to sit facing forward and see what’s going on:

Finally, it’s hat weather!

Grey’s in his bunting.

Next day we took Mr. Moose for a walk. Good times.

Standing in line in the rain- ChowderFest 2012! Found a few new places with really good soup- just in time for fall and winter.

I have to stick this picture in as many times as possible- it cracks me up!

Mooooom! Not the junk! NOT the junk!! Geez…

And a few videos: You will laugh if you watch this first one. If not, you are a robot. His first real laughs and first sign that he can anticipate are on this video, recorded on my birthday. Such a fun gift!

This next one is just him on Evelyn’s activity mat (she’s two months older and has moved on to the bouncy chair!). He’s never acknowledged his feet until today. Now he’s watching them, grabbing his legs, and using his feet to mess with the toys. Pretty cool stuff!

Maybe now that he’s done learning all this new stuff he can start sleeping through the night again. He’s been eating a ton and waking up to eat around 2 am every night. He’s taller, and not quite as rolly polly as he was a few weeks ago looks like he’s in that fat-tall-fat-tall cycle we see in babies.


2 responses to “3 1/2 Months And a Few New Tricks

  1. Wahaha! Love the giggling video. It just made me laugh.

  2. Tyler & Rashida Harding

    A perfectly beautiful and delightful little one. I really enjoy your posts! Rashida

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