A Smattering of Smiles

I absolutely love this picture! Grey loves mirrors, and my front facing camera on my phone is just as exciting for him- lucky me. =)

And this picture was taken just moments before. Proof that with photos, the angle is everything! hehe

Ready to go to the corn maze!

Who, me?

From the other morning…

All tuckered out before the day even started

A little background- we had an earthquake last night, and not a tiny one. It was measured at 4.6 about 50miles from us, and I thought our house had been hit by a truck. It was all very scary and exciting last night, and obviously not a big deal this morning, so I posted this to facebook:

We survived the aftershocks in padded earthquake shelter (we chose down blankie over the triangle of life). We have oxygen, water, and toys, but no food. Plz send rescue crews with cap’n crunch so I’m not forced to nibble on this meaty little morsel!

We’re off to AZ on Saturday, but not before Grey’s 4 month appt and shots on Thursday. Wish us luck, and can’t WAIT to see the AZ crew!








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