Two Black Bears

Life: When you realize that the reason you wandered out into the dark because the dogs were barking was a mother bear cornered in an apple tree with her cub and now she’s decided to come down from the tree very quickly. You say “oh shit” and run for the house where your wife cackles hysterically. Only later do you find out she’s laughing because the bear actually fell out of the tree and landed on it’s butt.

The above is Luke’s status update from facebook just the other night. I haven’t laughed that hard in a very, VERY long time. The only regret is that there were no pictures. Unfortunately, the above pic was a googled image. I don’t think she was THAT fat. For those that have seen our backyard, the big tubby mama bear fell on her butt right in the middle of the apple tree triad. I’m assuming they were scavenging for the last of the apples. Baby bear scampered out a moment later, but we could hear that he had a bit more trouble climbing the fence.

So, lesson learned. Don’t plan on putting out bird feeders until AFTER thanksgiving (the NH game and fish dept says Nov 1). We have definitive proof that the bears are still out. Also, maybe just maybe, don’t go into the trees at night looking for a racoon or a barn cat… you might get more than you bargained for.


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