Hello to All! Happy New Year!

2013 began with a slow and quiet whistle through the trees for us. We spent the past few days just hanging out around the house. Today was actually a super duper awesome cleaning day, with a little excursion built in. Good stuff. No hangovers, no party to clean up after, and the only sleep deprivation was related to Grey’s desire to ring in the new year in every time zone. Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific and on into the ocean. We all survived, and lots of naps were taken by everyone but mama. This means mama had some quiet couch time with some Irish Coffee.

Here are a few pictures:


Apple would like for me to put the camera down and finish building the fire, please.


This picture will be a full page spread in Grey’s graduating HS yearbook.


NYE Shenanigans- Mimi sent Grey this puppy that wraps around a rolled up blanket. In the last few days he’s been cracking up at any toys “acting like they are alive”. Not sure if he’s laughing at us or if he knows we’re the ones doing it. It’s super cute regardless.


We took turns lugging our little sack of potatoes through the snow. Uphill was surprisingly difficult!


Another gem. I’m so in love with my little family.


“Just make sure the box says Arizona, Michigan, or Texas on it. I’ll take it from there!”


We’ve been giving him pretty much everything to eat. He’s nom’d on big chunks of red bell pepper, banana, apples, and pears. He’s also tried and loves yogurt, cottage cheese and avocado chunks. Pretty much everything I eat makes its way into his paws in one form or another.

So there you have it. Life is good, baby is happy, parents are tired but happy. Cheers to the upcoming Best Year of My Life. It is made richer and lovelier by all of you.


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