Yosemite and Sacramento

We just got back from a fantastic trip to the Best Coast. We flew into Sacramento, spent the night with Aunt Cheryl, Tim, Alex, and Carly, then headed off for a week at Yosemite. Luke had a conference a few of the mornings, but we spent the afternoons hiking and playing in the pool. It was a great time, and Grey was a champ in the planes, pool, and pack.

His biggest development was WALKING! On the first day at the cousins, he surprised us all by taking his first 2 steps- the best part was that we were all in the room when it happened! He continued to practice here and there while at Yosemite, but waited til we returned to Sacramento to show us that he can actually walk 5-6 steps alone! I’ve already posted a video, but it warrants telling the story. =)

Here are a few pictures from the trip:

IMAG2523_BURST017 IMAG2506 IMAG2494 IMAG2245_BURST003 IMAG2252 IMAG2263 IMAG2275_BURST017 IMAG2283 IMAG2306 IMAG2311 IMAG2372 IMAG2376_BURST002 IMAG2362_BURST002 IMAG2442_BURST007 IMAG2436_BURST011 IMAG2436_BURST014 IMAG2478_BURST007 IMAG2513



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