Happy Birthday, Grey! (Take two)

I haven’t been on lately, our household has been thrown a curveball in the form of the dreaded summer cold. Luke and I both have been under the weather (read: super whiny and near death by mucus) for 3 weeks now. Grey was only sick for a few days, thankfully.

The good news is that we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, Grey is TWO (and cute as ever), and we only have about 6 weeks to go til we meet his little bro! Everything is going great considering our abysmal health the past few weeks. I’m still not swollen, and barely starting to waddle. This is big news. With grey I was solidly miserable by 32 weeks. The baby is measuring on target and is healthy. Luke is chest deep into the kitchen remodel which he plans to finish before Reedlet arrives. Grey has this… swagger. Luke and I both independently called it this. He doesn’t toddle, he runs without looking at the ground. He’s a cool kid. He knows how to be cute on purpose and to tell half truths. He communicates so well it’s a dream. I know there will be challenges with the “twos”, but man. This kid is awesome. It’s just the weirdest thing to barely recognize your own kid because they’re changing so fast!

Grey’s birthday party was this weekend- we had a gaggle of toddlers running around the backyard and blue frosting on the cupcakes, much to my mom friends’ chagrin. 😉 I have a few pictures, and I have a lead on some more. Here’s what I have so far.


We filled a baby pool and had the kids fishing with nets for toys!



He LOVES blowing out the candles. He managed to do it twice during the happy birthday song. 😉



YESSSSS Blue Frosting. Kid ate two cupcakes and crashed.


Taking a spin in Grey’s new red wagon- Ada was loving it!


CYMERA_20140606_193803 This is an older picture, but I just love it. He smiles alll the way.


Fixing his monster truck with “daddy’s tool”. In big boy underpants. So much winning in this picture!


And, a little bit o baby butt. It starts out innocently enough. G approaches me saying, “shoes? shoes?” So off come the shoes. Next comes ,”Pants?”. Oookayyy. “Shirt??” Really now? “Beeper?? Beeper?? Peesh?” (diaper please?” And there you have it.


2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Grey! (Take two)

  1. Marla Hufford

    Looks like y’all had fun. Does the new baby have an official name? Y’all take care and get well.
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