I thought this posted the other day, but it didn’t!  Now it’s only 11 days til d-day. Eeek!

Because someone was extra cute today. 🙂 As we close in on Baby Reedlet’s arrival(2 weeks from today!), I can’t help but marvel at this little 2 year old. I wonder crazy things, like, “what is Grey stays my favorite?? I mean, I already KNOW how much I like him!” I know for a fact it will all be fine (hard, but fine) because millions (billions?) of people have siblings and their parents haven’t killed anyone. Solid reasoning, eh?

Anyway,  I’m 37 weeks, the kitchen is almost done, the baby is almost out, and I’m still plugging along. This summer has been chock full of lake trips, baby pools, sunshine, and ice cream. I’ve got to get my fill of it all before it cools down again, and Grey is in full agreement. 

Anyway,  here are some pics. All from yesterday.

Monkey is in big boy underpants here and there. The safety goggles are optional.


Inflatable squared.


Cutest. Ever.







One response to “Whoops!

  1. Sandy Speed

    Sara, I remember having some of the same thoughts, concerns, etc. when I was waiting to have Baby #2. It all works out, though, as soon as the second child arrives. Your heart just grows larger to accommodate more love.
    We love you, Grey and Luke. Can’t wait to add Baby #2 (Reedlet??) into our hearts.
    Pa and Mimi

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