The kitchen is finished!

Here’s the finished product! I just need to give some more props to my insanely talented, focused, and handy husband. He also happens to win in the daddy/husband department, but that’s another post. Here is our saveur magazine/food network kitchen!

From the living room:


From the front door:


The beautiful farm table island Luke made from reclaimed wood:


Light fixture, also imagined and executed by Luke. It’s a log carrier with pulleys (blocks)… Luke should be giving this tour. Haha!:


From the stairs:


Hi baby!


Granite with stuff in it:


I just love this table so much!:


And a few more for good measure:



I mean, let’s be real. This is the original house, from the same angle.



A few more before pictures:

IMAG0016IMAG0001 (2)

2 responses to “The kitchen is finished!

  1. Marla Hufford

    Wow. Luke is quite talented. I’m impressed. I’m know you love being in the kitchen. It’s good to see you didn’t throw the kid out with the finishing touches. Luke should be proud. Marla

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