4 Months!

So,  Reed has been on a mission to catch up on lost calories ever since his surgery. I knew he was chunking up, but we didn’t have numbers til today at his checkup. He now weighs 17lb 6oz and is 26.5 inches long! Apparently he set off warnings in their computer system for both height and weight because he grew so quickly.

Before surgery, he was about 50th percentile for weight and height (his growth had slowed down even from his two month appt). Now, he’s 77th percentile for weight and 82nd for height!! That is an insane growth rate for a month and a half! I mean, the rolls  don’t lie and we knew he was catching up, but I love having that proof that the surgery was the right decision.

Since the surgery,  he doesn’t swallow air when he’s nursing, can now take a bottle without choking and gagging, and hasn’t once projectile puked! I’m calling it a win. Love my big boy!

Also, he’s been sitting up! That started about a week ago. This kid is determined to move!



One response to “4 Months!

  1. What a cute little chunk. We love him.

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