>We have a little boy I’ll dub Number One, or NO for short. This is fitting, as he is extremely difficult some days. He also happens to be painfully cute- I’m starting to notice this trend. His eyes twinkle and curve into little half-moons when he grins. I won’t even start on his dimples.

His verbal skills are somewhat lacking, and we consider it a win if he learns a new [swear] word at home and manages to string it into a sentence. F-you b!tch? Good job NO!! But really, for some reason this adds to his charm. The cherry on the cake is how, when he decides not to go with a verbal response, he’ll look down, brow furrowed intensely, and decide which finger to flip you off with. He usually goes with an index finger, and will look at you with his mean little half-moon twinkle eyes. You’re…. number…. ONE! At least, that’s what we’ve decided he means.

This kid is not to be messed with.


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