>Quotes of the Day

>We have a kid who is supposed to be starting ADHD meds at lunchtime. Apparently, the family has had the prescription for over a week, and haven’t had it filled.

Exasperated Teacher (ET): Do you have the prescription??
Energetic Child (EC): uhhhhh…. yeah…..
ET: Well, did your mom take it to get filled?
EC: Yes. We took it to walgreens and they said it would take 9days.
ET [smiling now]: Oh really? That’s funny. They usually can get it done in a day.
EC: Oh yeah. They said 9 hours. It should be ready today.

In this case, the difference between 9 days and 9 hours is muchmuch more than the actual time. It works kind of like dog years. The teacher has aged approximately 9years for the 9days gone without medicine. On a personal note, I’m not keen on medicating every rambunctious child that walks in the door. I can say with certainty that some kids really benefit from the added help… some kids forget their meds and actually behave BETTER. Really, who knows? I certainly haven’t found any hard and fast rules related to kids and medication.

Well, okay. One Rule: Do not accidentally drop a child’s medicine in the drinking fountain drain. You will not get it back, and will have to fill out an embarrassing waste report. ie: 1 dose of medication accidentally wasted into drinking fountain. Witnessed by Guffawing/Cackling/Teasing-Favorite-Secretary.

Another quote:

Little girl with pinpoint scratch to tip of finger (on why she wants me to call her dad): “Well, my dad said that sometimes, when I get hurt really bad, and it’s really deep, he um, he wants me to call him so that it doesn’t get infected. You know, cause it’s really deep. And I got hurt really bad. And I fell.”

Love it.


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