>In the BLACK!!!

>This blog is largely about my work, but right now I need to shout from the rooftops: I have officially made profit with my pecans!! Okay, okay, 9 dollars is usually an HOURLY wage, but hey. Because this is the first year, and I had PLANNED to screw up over and over again, I’m just glad that I’ve not had to sell the property or any kidneys due to poor business choices such as these:

1. Deciding to sell hand-shelled pecans for $4/lb. My coworkers were very understanding when I informed them of the $1 price-hike following an ill-spent thanksgiving weekend. I think my dirty and damaged hands made them pity me. Whatever works!
2. Deciding to collect the nuts myself. Turns out I could literally work every single hour of free time, and still not make a dent in the nut population. And while climbing the trees and releasing rage on the tree branches is incredibly fun, it won’t get them all out and then the shaker truck has to come anyway. 
3. Hand-shelling: see above. It takes about 1.5hrs to shell one pound. The first person to buy 10lbs got processed nuts. Still debating this one, because they’re so much prettier when hand-done. 
4. Sucking at math. Realizing I’m only making about $2/lb because mechanical shelling leaves so few nuts. This one really got me. 
5. Said profit does not actually count any man hours. I enjoy it, and would probably do it anyway. Luke, on the other hand, probably would not. And I guess I could pay myself a salary of, ohhh, about $0.07/hr..
Next year when I go into full-blown pecan fever, please show me this post. Something tells me I’ll do it allllll over again. =) Oh, and I have pecans for sale…

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