>Romeo’s Broken Arm

>Well, it took a few weeks for Romeo to join me again. I swear that kid just gets cuter and cuter. This time his arm was broken. As usual, meditating (OHHMMMMM), laying on hands, dropping the “better bomb”, and tickling had him laughing, but still “broken”.

As soon as I pointed at Santa Bones and informed Romeo that Santa Bones only delivers the cool stuff to HEALTHY kids, he changed tactics. He put his jacket over his face and attempted to walk into a wall. I almost let him, until I remembered that these aren’t *actually* my kids, and that parents generally prefer their children to be returned to them unharmed.

Santa Bones has been attracting some attention. He’s not quite done, so no pic for a few days, but you can imagine that he’s inspired some interesting questions. More to come on that.


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