>Comments Are Up!

>Alright Guys, I think I may have fixed the issue with leaving comments after the posts. I had to take away all moderation, so be sweet and don’t post too many embarrassing stories of me when I was little… 😉

And I know there’s more than 3, or even 6 of you out there. As far as I’m concerned, I would be throwing all this out there even if there was just one. So here is my note:

Dear Readers:

I think you all are pretty swell. Be sure to laugh til you wet your pants a little. Be sure to share your stories. Try to keep in touch. Most of all: Don’t forget to wash your hands. There’s a nasty little GI bug going around…

Love, Sara Rose


2 responses to “>Comments Are Up!

  1. >What a great way to get a chuckle! I love reading about all of your (and the kids') exploits. Love you. More on the funny stories to come.

  2. >OMG!! Mom! You posted! Love you. Oh, I may or may not have questions tomorrow regarding Dirt, Food, Food in Dirt, or all of the above.

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