>cost v. benefits

>Sometimes kids forget to look at the whole picture.

I’ve quoted a little girl in the past who will find any reason to a) tattle, or b) whine. Problem is that she’s adorable, and so people let her. Today, she comes gimping into my office, doubled over, crying that her “tummyhurtsreallyreallybad!”. I get her into one of the stretchers. No fever. Looks good besides the contorted body and facial expression.

Nurse Sara has a secret weapon today. Santa.

McCutey: it huuurrrrts. 😥
Me: Wow. This is a really bad day to go home sick. Don’t you know what’s happening later?
McCutey: no… [she’s on the hook now- I can see her perking up]
Me: Santa’s coming: and he’s bringing everyone a present!
McCutey: Are you for reals? (I swear that’s what she said!)
Me: ohhhh yeah. Everyone is getting a bag filled with treats! Santa’s handing them out this afternoon.
McCutey: I LOVE TREATS!! [Huge grin. This kid isn’t going anywhere.]
Me: well, if you go home because your tummy hurts, you’ll miss Santa AND movie day tomorrow. Bummer.
McCutey: yeah… [that little brain is practically smoking: how can I get out of going home??]
Me [going in for the kill]: Is your stomach starting to feel any better? I sure hope so, cause then you wouldn’t miss Santa! You want to try to tough it out?
McCutey: yeah. I’ll try.

She then hops off the stretcher and starts to run out of my office, catching herself just in time to clutch her stomach and hobble out of the room.

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2 responses to “>cost v. benefits

  1. >was santa really coming? or is nurse sara going to hell for lying to a little girl? just curious.

  2. >HA! Does it count if a slightly sketchy Santa came, stood at the door to each classroom, and handed out little baggies with candy and cheap plastic sh!t? They seemed satisfied is all I'm saying. 😉

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