>Rocks. That is all.


When a kid gets sent home sick, I usually will head down to the classroom to pick up their backpack. If I’m ready for a laugh, I get the description of it from the kid:

“It’s the pink one with the princess” (Ohhhh, THAT pink one with the princess!)

“It’s black and white and soooooo big. Not like a giant would wear. But reeaaaalll big.”

Or, like today, I head out without any tips and hunt for the right bag. We found what we thought was the correct backpack, and opened it to confirm with his homework. Instead we find rocks. Nothing special- just rocks. So awesome. I can only assume that both my husband and father would approve wholeheartedly, given that they both have extensive rock collections and are envious when passing “rocks” too big to take home in their backpacks. These could also be described as… boulders.

This kid is on the right path. And if he’s not, he can always pave a new one.

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