>The Daily Dose: Part Deux

>3. Finally, I thought to pour the medicine into a plastic spoon and add a little choc. Milk to that. Then he only takes one swallow and is guaranteed to get the entire dose… right?! Well, except when he doesn’t. I’m not even sure how this happened, but the 2nd day we tried this, he STILL managed to evade the entire dose on the first swallow. I’m about out of ideas.

This morning, he didn’t show. I found him wandering the hall and called him over:

Gagsy: “Hi. I didn’t come for my medicine because my chocolate milk is frozen.”
Me: “Oh, bummer. Well, I guess we’ll have to use water with it in the spoon!”
Gagsy: “I don’t drink water.” [rolls his eyes]
Me: “Do they have juice in the room?” [grinding my teeth]
Gagsy: “I don’t like juice.”


Of course, I can hear FS just LOVING this conversation, as Gagsy is her favorite 3rd grader. I have to admit that I would probably think all of this was hilarious if I wasn’t the one pulling teeth every morning. Wait. I haven’t tried pulling teeth yet… 😉


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