>Another tooth for that Fairy Dude…

>One of the new 2nd graders came to see me yesterday about a loose tooth. Literally, to show me that her tooth was loose. She’s cute as a bug and so excited, so I tell her that it’s not long now, and probably she’ll lose her tooth at lunch.

At around 230 that same day, she comes running in with a huge toothless grin, “My tooth fell out! Now can I have a tooth necklace (I told you, still all the rage!)?? It was all loose and twisting but it wouldn’t come out and I was too scared so my two friends held me down ANDTHENTHEYPULLEDITOUTFORME!!!”

Kids still do this? I can’t remember ever having the balls to let a friend rip a tooth out. That being said, my parents might be able to jog my memory. Anyhoo, no harm no foul. She’s the proud new owner of a regulation sized, official school RN white tooth case with blue necklace option.


2 responses to “>Another tooth for that Fairy Dude…

  1. >How you make me snort woman! Love it!!

  2. >Thank you so much!! You should see me trying not to laugh when I'm in the middle of it… I'm getting better, but I've also dragged the kid up front and made them repeat themselves to FS. Sometimes the stories are just too good!

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