>Dear Readers, I just found this half-finished post from last week. Apparently all my days off have turned my brain to mush. This is un-edited, so you can see the way my brain works.

I got the call last night. This is the first time in my adult life that my daily obligations have been discarded due to the weather. We knew the weather was going to be bad. The weather.com app on my phone waxed poetic about the bitter cold and inches of snow we were to expect between Tue night and Thur morning.
When the recorded call from the school district came through (did you know they did that?!) I jumped out of bed and immediately did an improvised shimmy/snow day dance. Annnnd, then I stayed up an extra few hours and ate junk food. There’s a reason I’m so in touch with my students.
This morning I woke up only a little late and then made it a point to check the clock to mark the times I would have been… leaving for work… starting my lunch… visiting FS for my 3rd dose of magic chocolate… harassing FS… kicking the kids out of the building… and finally, going home. Instead of all these stimulating activities, I:
1. Drank a pot ‘o’ coffee
2. Played with my new hair
3. Took pictures of the house with snow
4. Took pictures of my hair with snow… šŸ˜‰
5. Checked fingers and nose for frostbite, and consider going to the hospital for possible frostbite.
6. Instead settle for Walgreens and buy Bailey’s, Tequila, and Patron Orange Liqueur.
7. Lots of boring

ANNDDDD, this is where I stop. I actually can’t remember what was “boring”, even though I apparently did “lots” of it. It might have been the Bailey’s. I dunno. It must not have been worth writing about. Anyhoo, by the end of the week we had 2 full snow days, and one 2-hr delay that turned into another canceled school day when they hopped in the buses at 0700 and realized that none of them would start. 3 days of 0 or near 0 temps was just too much for our little buses that couldn’t. Then a planned 2 day trip for Mon and Tues and I’m looking back on a full week without working.

I just looked at the weather report and we’re expecting more snow tonight… do I dare hope?


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