>I Need A Valentine.

I’m currently sitting outside, enjoying a light breeze and 55 degree sunshine. The only thing that would make it better is if I weren’t on the side of Pine Lodge rd, about 7miles out of town with my bike and a very flat tire, waiting for FS to bail me out. I got the flat (2nd in as many rides) and pulled off the road totally ready to kick some butt and fix my flat on my own. This would prove that I rock (we know it’s true) and would probably be faster in the long run… if my patch kit wasn’t older than jesus. The stupid glue is dried out. Who checks that stuff anyway?? So learn from my fail people. Keep a favorite secretary on hand to run by hobby lobby and bring some fresh patch glue when you need it. Or, to drive you to the nearest Sonic for some soul-restorative ice cream.

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