>Happy Valentine’s Day


Luke told me this morning that Valentine’s day originated in ancient Roman times- that it began as a festival that lasted from Feb 13-15, and involved sacrificial animals, and something about women getting beaten by… umm, maybe the same tools that were used on the animals, or maybe the animals themselves? And that there would be a lottery system where a woman would be “wed” to another man if he drew her name from a hat. And I think the women would want to be beaten (I’m assuming only for THIS festival) because it would make them fertile.

I might be a little fuzzy on the details. Regardless, it originally had nothing to do with chocolate and greeting cards and dozens of roses. Or Cupid for that matter, but I couldn’t very well decorate my bulletin board with sacrificed animals and fertile women. Besides, V-day is growing on me. I want to give it some credit. The kids are all nuts over cheap pieces of colored cardboard- and everyone gets them. I think that’s essential. If you’re in loooove with little Benny, you can give him some cheap colored cardboard. It’s cool. But don’t forget the rest of the kids. So friends, Spread the looooove! Hug a friend, kiss an SO, pet a puppy. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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