>Random Thoughts

>Favorite 4th grader came to me this am and noticed I had a box out that was labelled “girls’ underwear”.

F4: “Ha-HA! You have a box of girls diapies! You have a box of diap-IES!”
Me: Nooooooo. Panties. Not diapies. And you’re just jealous cause your underpants don’t have flowers on them.
F4: [without any pause] “yeah, well you’re jealous yours don’t have MONSTER TRUCKS!”

I walked right into that one. Let’s just call this one a draw before someone gets sent to the principal’s office.

Also, learn from another fail: If you want to know how germs are spread, mention (any item on your desk) to a five year old. She will, without any pause or warning, jump up, run over and touch it. If you reeeallly want the experience, pick a kid that just puked on her lunch tray. And make the item your spoon.

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