>Gagsy Goes Too Far

>This kid is a blessing and a curse. I’m having a rough case of the Mondays, and he waltzes in with his chocolate milk. Game on.

He says (through clenched teeth): “My face is frozen.”
Me: hmm. That’s odd, why is it frozen?
Gagsy: I was outside, and the side of my face is frozen. I can’t open my mouth.

I pull his teacher (who is fully aware of our morning routine) into my office and explain to her why he won’t get his medicine today. Lo and behold, his mouth unfreezes! It’s a miracle!

Gagsy (while massaging his jaw): Thank goodness. I was afraid I had frostbite!

If you think climbing Everest is bad, you should try 3rd grade. Good thing we didn’t lose him. I don’t know WHAT I would do for entertainment in the morning.

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