>Romeo’s Faker Test

>My favorite Kinder, Romeo, caught me in the hallway. It’s been awhile, so I knelt down to have a little conversation. He announced, “I’m six!” He then leaned in for a hug, so I’m busy saying happy birthday and asking him how his day was when he said, “NO! I’m SICK.”

Oh. Well I guess no congratulations are in order. So I have him come with me on my errand down the big kids hallway, and bring him into my office for a temp check. No fever. He’s looking pretty good, so I decided to try the faker test on him. As soon as I mentioned it, he started to grin. I tell you, these dimples are trouble. By the time I reach his nose, he’s chortling and has his eyes closed with a huuuuge smile on that little face.

Me: “I see all your dimples!! I think you’re going to be A-OK.”
Romeo: “Noooo, these dimples (points to them and looks down to scuff at the floor), These dimples are sad dimples.”

Although I sent him back to class, I was totally melted. He reappeared about 2 minutes later to show me an itsy bitsy red mark on his finger. I grabbed a bandaid, and he said, “Nooo, not that one. Were are da udder ones??” So Romeo managed to procure a coveted Sponge-Bob bandaid. And yes, I’m hoping he remembers to come back today for another. =) 


2 responses to “>Romeo’s Faker Test

  1. >Too cute! I love little Romeo 🙂

  2. >He visited again today. Two broken legs, AND he was sick. Kiddo's upping his game. 😉

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