>Fuzzy Logic

>A kid came to use his inhaler this morning. No biggie. Kids are coming in all the time for their ‘as needed’ puff-breaks. At around 1030, he comes back and heads for the inhalers. We’ve already had the conversation re: having to wait 4hrs between doses, so I ask what he’s doing.

Me: “What the heck! Weren’t you just in here?”
Kid: “uh, yeah. I have PE, and when we get in trouble, like if we talk too much, Coach makes us run laps.”
Me: “So are you in trouble?”
Kid: “No. We haven’t had class yet.”
Me: “Soooooo if you can’t have your inhaler because it’s too soon, and if you get in trouble then you have to run, what do you need to do?”
Kid: [blank stare]
Me: “Stay out of trouble!”
Kid: [another blank stare]
Me: “okay, let’s try again. You can’t have your inhaler. Coach will make you run laps if you talk when he’s talking. You don’t want to run laps without taking your inhaler. So, what should you do?
Kid: “…. don’t come too early for my inhaler?”
Me: o_0

Can’t win today. Guess I’ll just reset the scoreboard for tomorrow. Bring it! Tomorrow, I mean, not today. In my head, today is officially over.

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