Gagsy Picks a Future

Gagsy was rather entertaining this morning:

Me: “Heeeeyyyyy! What’s going on? Have anything fun planned for today?” (the end of the year is field-trip season)

Gagsy: “No, but tomorrow is bowling!”

Me: “Sweet! Are you guys gonna have those bumpers that keep you from getting gutter balls?”

Gagsy: [flashing his version of “blue steel” that shows off those dimples] “Well, actually, I kind of get strikes and spares. I’m pretty good.”

Me: “Oooh, have you thought about being a professional bowler or bowling coach?”

Gagsy: [he does a weird little head tilt, like he’s pondering this] “Hey, I kind of LIKE the SOUND of that!”

Here is where I’d like to formally apologize, in advance, to Gagsy’s mama. But hey, it’s good to dream, right?


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