Gardening: Part Deux

Well, the strawberries hung in there for about 3 weeks. Sad little leaves poking out from the soil that never managed to add any biomass. I feel like I may be running (albeit unintentionally) a fruit and vegetable concentration camp. Think about it. I go online and pick out which plants I think are best. I then isolate them for 3 weeks with insufficient nutrients (I’m guessing) while they wither away in the hot sun. Then I toss them all in the compost bin. Ugh.

The great news is that I can grow herbs like crazy! The cilantro, 4 kinds of mint, rosemary, basil, and parsley are all doing great. If I had to choose, herbs are more expensive and less delicious when bought from the store, so I’d take the trade.

Jury’s still out on the garlic. Considering I planted THE ENTIRE HEAD at first and it stayed in there for about a week before my mom (thanks ma!) informed me that I’d have to plant each clove separately, I’m not expecting much. Who DOES that?

I’ll tell you who.

The same person who, in her first attempt at gardening, managed to grow a gigantic 14ft tall weed, a few mutant cucumbers, and exactly one radish. I guess I was thinking it would come up as a bunch? Maybe washed, and with that little produce band around the stem? Could you have done that for me, Garden? No? Oh well. At least it was a really big radish. =)


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