Yag, Indeed

Today is Secretary’s Day. I didn’t know this until I showed up for work and FS’s desk looked like Mardi Gras had barfed all over it. My first though was, “OH CRAP! There’s a Secretary’s day??” Then came, “Can I just tell her that EVERY day should be Secretary’s day?” And finally:

“Oooh, look at all our chocolate!!”

Then the cards and notes began to roll in, one by one. The teachers obviously had a routine down, because the kiddos took turns bringing their handmade cards and notes to FS, each one with a mini chocolate of some sort. It was a-dor-able. Here is a smattering of our favs:

“U are the best friend evre.” I love the twirly cursive signature. Then, “thac you for this chrep”, then, “pod gob!!”

I think the Big One is FS, and I guess the Little One is, well, a little one. The blue eyes make it special.

“Mrs. Dolen. You are cod. You have done a gvate jod.”

This pic has it all. Butterflies, smiley faces, AND hearts. =}


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