Those are GIRLS?!?

Gagsy is really broadening his horizons this week. He came to me yesterday with nothing but sunshine. He left a little perplexed. My job here is done:

Gagsy: “I’m having a really good day! I drew some army pictures and I’m really good!”

Me: “Will you draw me an army nurse? If you do, I’ll put it on my wall!”

Gagsy: [Pauses] Appears to be thinking it over. “I drew soldiers!”

Me: “Okay, will you draw me a girl soldier?”

Gagsy is dubious: “Um, girls aren’t really allowed in the army.”

Me: “What?! Of course they are. There’s girls working in the army hospitals, on army bases, and girl soldiers who get guns even.”

Gagsy: Shaking his head, “I did not even know that.”

I just rocked that little dude’s worldview. FS will cement his brain damage tomorrow when she brings in her old army photo. Love it! If he actually does draw the pic, I’ll post it.

On… another?… note, I had a very strange encounter with a 5th grader. I asked her to repeat herself, and still didn’t quite get it. I guess you had to be there? She came up to me in the hallway and started talking in a loud whisper:

“There was a raquet that was the dad and the little birdy was the baby and then (mumbles for about 20 seconds) and then I told him and we giggled.”


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