One Day Left

Well, the time has come. I’m sitting on a welcome mat… in the grass… as we are no longer welcome in our own home. It’s still ours for a few days, but the entire trailer has been loaded up and we’ve been left with a mattress, a laptop, a few boxes of clothes, and a welcome mat.

How I spent the last day of my Summer Vacation

FS is now doing her “FS” thang back at my old school- which means she’s getting pulled in every direction and yet STILL had time to come spend yesterday with us. Not only that, she brought the clan- Luke had 2 strong young bucks to help load the truck, and I had 2.5 lovely ladies to help me load the boxes (Meghan is pregnant and counted mostly for entertainment value, hence the 0.5).

Brandy managed to get hold of an official “Alien Death Ray Gun” complete with lights and sound- we lost her to that toy for a little while, but who can blame her? =)

A few days ago, FS also helped me clean out my pantry. We played a few rounds of “Chopped” with the resulting bags of groceries. For those who haven’t seen it, Chopped is an addicting show on Food Network where 4 professional chefs compete at cooking to win money. The catch is that the ingredients they get to cook with are totally unrelated. Raw oysters, gummi bears, and bourbon. OR, jicama, panko bread crumbs, and peanut butter. It gets pretty disgusting, but the concept is fab. Anyhoo, we had plenty of fun with that.

I can’t decide if the situation is made worse or better with all the together time we’ve had this summer. On the one side, we’ve cemented a friendship that was already strong. I can’t be more grateful for that. On the other side, I’ve been fighting strong (very, very strong!) urges to trap her in my moving truck and not let her go til I can plunk her down in our new house. I promised her I’d let her out every few hours to stretch and potty. Not sure if Luke is on board, but he likes me to be happy, so I’ll be sure to bring it up a few more times before we drive away.

I’m feeling pretty enthusiastic about the move though, because we have a pretty awesome pad waiting for us in NH. I’ll write a new post with details but it’s safe to assume that someone probably died of a colonial disease in this house, and that there’s probably money stashed in the walls. SOLD!!!!

Now, for one last look at that beautiful NM sky:

Please don't ask why I was up at the buttcrack of dawn... just glad I had the mental capacity to go outside and look up.


One response to “One Day Left

  1. Sandy Speed

    Sara, you are right, that is a beautiful NM sky…but there will be different skies in New Hamshire. looking forward to see you two tomorrow. Drive safely.

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