Flippers and Flipper

Hello All!

Some good news on the home front: We’ve sold our house in Roswell! Our fantastic neighbors across the street are going to take it so that their son and his wife can raise their first baby right across the street. I’m so happy for them, and also so happy for us, as this has been a very stressful summer. At least one thing is crossed off that very long list. I have to say, I’ll miss the house terribly, but I couldn’t have picked better people to pass it to. Wes and Michelle have two big, rowdy dogs and an appreciation for outside space. One last look at my favorite room:


We still haven’t found a place to live in New Hampshire, but there are a few prospects. I have my super-agent-extraordinaire, Heather, on it. The good thing is that we now have the option to buy. There are several sad little houses with good bones and good locations that need a lot of TLC.

Who knows? We may end up flipping houses up there- we certainly flip enough of them when we don’t even mean to.

On a lighter note, I spent the night in Durango to visit with some of my favorite people. Melissa and Andrea were up there at Andrea’s parents’ house on the Pine River. I also met the lovely Cat, who is old friends with Andrea (and a heck of a lot of fun!).

Obviously, there were meals shared at the house, lots of sitting out on the deck, and lots of catching up! Our activities were pretty fun too:

In 24hrs, we:

-Jumped in a bouncy house:

Note: These things are not made for adults.

-Jumped in the Relaxation Station (think large round couch floating in the river)

-Watched karaoke in a dive bar (I didn’t sing, but did dance the “Cupid Shuffle”- which might as well have been the Electric Slide).

-Played endlessly with the little golden retriever puppy at the house:

I have the same pic of zephyr. Too cute!

-Ate an amazing brunch at Casa Linda in Durango:

Best. Birthday cake. Ever. Happy 30th, Andrea!


-Took wild west photos…

This leads me to my second FLIPPER. The one in my mouth. I’m currently wearing a retainer with a front tooth on it. Once my mouth heals from the surgery, they’ll put a tooth right where it belongs. I have a very short window of opportunity to enjoy the reactions of friends and family when I pop that bad boy out. Of course, I couldn’t refuse when my friends insisted I take one of our wild west photos with a missing front tooth. When else would I get to add this much “love” to such a silly event? Here are the two favorites:

By far the cutest of all of us. And no, Andrea's Bro is not naked. =P

Here's the toothless one. Oh yes I DID!!

I already knew this but it helps to say it again: Find the humor in every situation, because it’s there waiting for you. Don’t take yourself too seriously. And for God’s sake, wait til the camera’s rolling to make a fool of yourself!!


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