Our New Friend J

Luke and I had the privilege of meeting a new addition to the family of our dear friends. He is 7 years old, will be starting 2nd grade, and now owns a dinosaur t-shirt and 2 parents.

On meeting him, he informed me of most of these facts. Not only is he quick-witted, he is remarkably well adjusted. He took Mom’s camera and scrolled through, naming off pets, family (near and far), and places that he has only known for one month.

Me: “hey man, it’s nice to meet you. Woah. You have a dinosaur on your t-shirt.”
J: “It’s because I have a dinosaur T-shirt!”

Pancake Turtles!!

At lunch, I watched mom have an hour long conversation with J about various weather patterns:

J: “You know the eye-storms? Like hurricanes? They don’t have any air in the eye. It’s really calm. It’s like going into space!”

We spent some time down at the river where Luke and Jason spent a good chunk of their childhood. They now have a cool little educational building with live and dead specimens from the area (obviously any kids dream- Luke and Jason had as much fun as J did!). The “pancake” turtles and the tarantula were huge hits… Thank god J can read, “DO NOT REMOVE LID!”

He is an active, normal little 7 year old dude. Mom now has bruises and scrapes from following him down slides, over logs, through rivers, and all the way to grandma’s house. Dad and Son have matching marks on their faces- both resulting from J’s first time fishing and an over enthusiastic approach to pole maneuvers.

There is still some time before an adoption is final; but at this moment, we can all be grateful and happy for this little family of three.

Lynley, Jason, and Jeremiah

Good vibes, everyone!


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