Rich Kids

At my new job, I work kind of as a one woman urgent care. It’s a boarding school, so the kids come to me for their daily meds, if they feel sick, and if they stayed up too late and are tired and don’t feel like going to class. In the morning, it’s a bit of a rush to get all the whiners sorted into sick vs. not sick. The kids HAVE to go to class, and the ONLY way to be excused is if they were in the health center. That’s why so much of my clientele is nothing but sleepy.

So, to give a little perspective on my patient population, I’ll tell a little anecdote. As always, identifying factors are changed to protect the rich kid.

Earlier in the week, we got word that a new student was coming to school. She was going to be taking medicine in the health center, so we needed an insurance card and a credit card from the parents to give to the nearby pharmacy *National Chain*. This way we can get the pharmacy to auto-refill and deliver the meds. The girl kept saying, “It’s okay, it’s taken care of.” And the nurse was saying, “No, we don’t have the credit card. We need a credit card.”

This went on for awhile until the nurse looked down and saw that this kid was, in fact, *National Pharmacy Chain*. As in, his family started it. D’OH! How often does that happen?! Apparently fairly often. I was a little gobsmacked.

I miss my little medicaid kids, but I have to say that if I was looking for new and unusual, I found it.


2 responses to “Rich Kids

  1. Sandy Speed

    I have been laughing outloud…..Gobsmacked? Where do you come up with these words?
    Love you,
    Frank and Sandy

    • Thank my early childhood reading for my ridiculous vocabulary. I also mispronounce words fairly often because I learned them in books before I was old enough to relate to hearing them. Luke loves it! :-/

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