We’ve Moved!!

Most of you know by now that we’ve moved into our new house. Amazingly, it’s the original house. We did everything we could to “lose” this house… Including putting an offer in on a different house. Not because we didn’t WANT it, but because we figured it wouldn’t happen.

It’s still a little shocking to me to wake up every morning in that beautiful bedroom. It does feel more like home when I leave piles of clothing, and half-empty boxes of house crap all over the floor. And two huge, furry mounds asleep right in the only clear path to the bathroom. You know.

We’ve lived here for about 3 weeks now and have (with the help of our builder and some extra hands):
-Moved all our stuff in (DUH)
-Removed 2 of the upstairs bedrooms (walls, floors, drywall, electric… you name it, we ripped it out)
-Had maybe a dozen windowsills/frames fixed or replaced
-Put a UV filter on the well water (so we don’t drink moose poop every time it rains- don’t worry, this is very common and perfectly fine! No need to cancel your visit!!)
-Fixed one furnace and broke the other. =/
-Lined the beautiful chimney so we don’t burn the house down (though, some would argue that it has survived 200years of continuous burning without hurting anything… but better safe than sorry!)
-Removed the stairs to the 2nd floor (before realizing our ladder was… you guessed it! UPSTAIRS)
-Started on the wainscoting in the dining room. The dining and living room have beautiful cedar paneling that is a little dark. So we’re just cutting it off at chair rail height and plastering the walls above it- I can’t wait to see how much brighter and cleaner it looks!

We also tore out the basement and have purchased the flooring and paint to turn it into a beautiful guest suite. You hear that, People?! It’s all for you! Now come visit!

Here are a few pictures:Darwin is NOT enjoying all the people making loud noises.

Darwin is NOT enjoying all the people and loud noises.

This is basically what the dining room will look like, only with cool light fixtures hangning down and white walls from the chair rail up.

Who needs stairs? The beams you see are over part of the kitchen... also where I'm standing. The chimney is behind all that plastic, and the wall with the stair imprint will be removed, revealing the dining room behind it.





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