A Very Eventful Week

Hello All,

Much has happened in the past several days, and I can share some of it with you now!

We have been having a ton of trouble with the Hatch house. This was our first love, and although we were getting no encouraging information regarding the title issue that needed to be resolved, we were having a hard time letting go. I just kept saying to myself, “If only I could find another house I love more! THEN I could let go of Hatch.” So we looked at several more houses. This time we had a different perspective: we know now that we want to live in Meredith. We just love that little town and how quaint it is.

About a dozen houses later and no luck. Then, on 9/19, we got word from the owner of our little love shack, that he was concerned about the above ground pipes freezing, and that we would need to be out by Oct 6. Now, if we were going to buy a totally different house, there’s no way we could be closed by then. And since we had no information on the Hatch house (they were still trying to locate the guy that needed to sign the waiver), we had to assume that it was out.

Then came the task of trying to get a rental house that would accept pets AND be willing to go month-to-month. Enter: Heather-Rockstar-Rental Agent. She managed to find us a super cute HOUSE (Yes, folks! A real house!) on another lake in the area.

See?! A HOUSE!!

With another DOCK!!

So now the pressure is off. We moved in on Thursday, cooked dinner, and slept in the same bed for the first time in 8 weeks. It was lovely! Not that moving didn’t suck. It poured rain (poured) all day. Heather was kind enough to help- so we loaded up her pickup, covered it all with a tarp, and dumped it all at the new house. Running back and forth on that super steep driveway at the love shack was no bueno. But we sure as heck EARNED our blue cheese/bacon/sauteed onion burgers with sweet potato fries for lunch! NOM.

I got a call from the Rockstar Realtor Jane on Wed morning saying I needed to come look at a house in Center Harbor. Center Harbor is possibly even cuter and more private than Meredith, and so was an option. We went to look at this house, and Holy Cow! It’s lovely! This old (maybe 1850) victorian that had been built by a very rich family. 12 ft ceilings, TONS of moulding, really ornate and beautiful woodwork, and buried under approximately 8ft of grime and 20 layers of wallpaper and lead based paint. Not our style, but definitely our level of challenge. And it was a house that was really easy to appreciate. So we made a lowball offer on Thursday night. Friday, Luke was working his mad negotiation skills getting them to accept an offer just minimally above his initial offer. All is well, and we have the house for a steal if we want it.

The best wrench ever: Friday evening, Luke got a call from our lawyer who said they have contacted The Guy and he will be coming in today to sign the paper!! If that’s true (I’ll believe it when it actually happens), we got Hatch! It’s obviously our first choice, and so we may be able to close this week or early next. We are so psyched!

I also got a call on Friday morning that I have been offered a school RN position! I’m waiting to hear more about the job, but I’ll be covering some medical leave/maternity leave through April or so. It’ll be between two different prep schools, and a relatively flexible schedule.

So yes, a very exciting birthday week. Looking forward to this next year- It’s gonna be amazing!! I love my life, and my family, and my friends. It just keeps getting better! =D



4 responses to “A Very Eventful Week

  1. Holy Cow is right! What a week you have had. Can’t wait to talk in person (on the phone). Love ya, Mom

  2. Sara, we hope all works out with the Hatch House; wouldn’t you know as soon as you moved all your things into the rental, something would happen? At least you had option #2 which you did not have a couple of weeks ago. Good news about your job. Sounds like things are definitely looking up. What neat birthday surprises. We arrived home around midnight last night/this morning and are trying to play catch up with mail, telephone messages, emails, etc. More later on our fabulous trip.
    Love, Frank and Sandy

  3. Sounds wonderful; much happiness in the Hatch House!


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