Update on How to Lose A House

Hey all! We’ve received some news on the house. First, a catch up. We have paid up through this week on our little love shack on the lake, and have to decide where to go next. We can feasibly stay about another month here before it needs to be empty and winterized. If we wait any longer they may accidentally close it up with us frozen to the futon for the winter.

With a month, it’s possible to pick out a new house and get closed on it in time for out eviction.

Tomorrow is the deadline for the sellers to fix the title issue on hatch corner road. At this point we can walk away with our earnest money, find a new house, and move past this whole messy situation. Problem is that we haven’t found anything that holds a candle to our first choice.
At this point, probably the smart thing to do would be to find a winter rental and just put all of it on the back burner for a few months. This would give us time to keep looking for a house and/or give them time to fix the title.

OR…. OR!! I KNOW! Let’s see if we can make it worse!

We can wait in the cabin for a few more weeks, hoping that we get good news that they actually did something they SAID they would do.

Luke got a phone call yesterday from our awesome (no sarcasm, he really is an asset) lawyer. He had finally gotten ahold of the actual person who had filed the foreclosure and failed to notify that one guy. Basically, the guy knows he screwed up and is working to fix it. He and THE guy’s lawyer are currently negotiating the waiver signing. This is good.

The problem will be solved when that guy receives a packet in the mail, signs, and sends back the waiver that removes his claim on the title (he was an embezzlement victim). Now, the main way that all of this can get ruined is if the guy has an angry power trip and decides not to sign. Usually some cash clears that up (common practice) or they have to re-forclose. At that point we will have lost the farm. 😛

So fingers crossed that this guy just signs the stupid thing. At this point we’re looking at a few more weeks in the cabin. By then we should know if the guy signed or refused, at which point we can move into one of the winter rentals and regroup if need be.

This house is worth it. Wish us luck!!

Oh! a few more updates.

We got our driver’s licenses and Luke’s first paystub in the mail yesterday. Wheeeeeee! Luke’s job is still going great. So far very predictable. He has been staying a little late every day- maybe til 4 or so. BUT he gets overtime pay starting at three, so we can’t complain.

I’ve been working for a friend with a property management/landscaping company. He’s a super nice guy and I’ve been painting the foyer in a shopping center. I like to paint. It gets me out of the house.

Buddy is stir crazy and Apple is wreaking havoc on our little space. Z is stinky and Darwin is normal until he drops a bomb in the middle of the night and spends 15min “burying” it in the litter box about 10ft from Luke’s head.


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