Let’s Play A Game


Annoying: waking up in the middle of the night to the cats thundering through our 400 square foot home.

Really Annoying: getting pinned down by Apple-Smuggler the lumberjack cat who has mastered the art of log rolling and is near impossible to toss while tangled in blankets on a really squishy bed.

Really *Really* Annoying (in a cute but dangerous way): drifting out of slumber and feeling a whoosh of air on your nose. Reaching up with eyes closed and grasping a 5 taloned cat paw poised to rip out one of your nostrils. Looking past said talons to see the half-domed apple smuggler on the floor next to your camp mattress..
Reaching to you for a little entertainment.

Gross: buddy refusing to poop anywhere but the beach.

Really Gross: buddy refusing to leave the water for said poop, and me having to go in after the butt-submarine.

Really *shudder* Really Gross: buddy getting a poop break and not pooping, then dropping a butt-biscuit on my foot in the middle of doggy-breakfast.

Painful: going for my first run of the season.

Really Painful: picking Red Hill, which is now christened Red “Hell”.

Really really painful: accidentally picking my next trail run to be much, much harder than Red Hell.

Consolation prize: biscuits and gravy and chicken fried steak foe breakfast! Wheeeeee!

I’ll try to play some more later… But for now, gotta towel off the pooch. Again.


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